Apple is warning millions of computers Mac of old, and tell them that they are vulnerable to the attack ZombieLoad

Apple iMac

Recently, it was discovered a security flaw in the new Intel processors. The good news is that Intel has had since the issuing of the source code of the Mini will patch this vulnerability-called the researchers name ” ZombieLoad ” manufacturers of computers for tinkering vulnerabilities in computers, but it turns out that some computers may still be vulnerable.

According to a report from the website Apple Insider, it appears that computers Mac senior may remain vulnerable to cyber attacks that use the vulnerability ZombieLoad. In the level of support published on the website of Apple, it seems that the Mac that was released prior to 2011, listed as vulnerable for similar types of attacks, the reason behind the inability of Apple to repair the gap is due to the failure of Intel to provide the code source is necessary.

According to Apple, it has stated by saying : ” You may receive this models security updates in MacOS Mojave or High Sierra or Sierra, but it is not able to provide the reforms and because of a lack of update for the code source of Intel “. However, he explained the site Apple Insider that the support page on the official site of Apple says that the company is demanding what is called ” patching complete ” which would eliminate the possibility of the occurrence of such attacks.

The only problem in this is that it can reduce system performance by up to 40 percent. However, it is unclear as is the number of users who still use computers Mac, which was launched by the year 2011. However, we would like to point out that the researchers mentioned that it is difficult to carry out an attack ZombieLoad which makes the chances of your exposure to this attack is fairly low.

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