Apple is stepping up its battle with Facebook because of the data collection

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Stepped company the Apple TV its battle with Facebook because of the application of data collection, through the abolition of the ability of Facebook to publish some apps in the store app store, in a move that may have far-reaching implications for both companies.

And Apple Facebook exploited a loophole in the laws of privacy by posting the application provided by the data users which are used in turn to control the direction of the network.

This led to the revival of the Cold War between the two companies, which attacked each other in the press in relation to issues of privacy and security.

Canceled Apple Developer license Facebook, which led to the closure of any apps iOS iOS has not been adopted already for the App Store.

Although this step does not affect the users, they only affect Facebook, as without the certificate of the developer, the application of iOS internal of Facebook, which includes trial versions of their applications the consumer, will not work.

Refrained Apple talk about whether the ban is temporary or how to monitor the activities of Facebook in the future, in a hurried Facebook to the announcement of the closure of the app named Facebook Research on the iOS system, after the violent reaction.

She confirmed that she didn’t do anything wrong, and that the service was not an alternative to the development Onavo VPN, which remove from the Apple App Store in the month of June 2018 when the Apple apply the new rules prohibit the collection of information about other applications installed on the user’s device for the purposes of analysis or marketing.

Avoid the application of Facebook Research rules privacy Apple TV via prompt users to install it using a feature called “developer certificate Foundation”, which aims to allow for the Apple accredited, such as Facebook, create, test and distribute apps for internal use dedicated to their employees without having to publish it in the Store App Store.

And the decline of the Apple these apps, and adoption as they are considering that it is supposed to be downloaded only by staff who work for the Builder app.

Said the Apple TV via the PR representative: “we’ve designed the program developers, institutions own only the distribution of internal applications within the enterprise. Use a Facebook Membership to distribute the application to collect data from consumers and a clear violation of the agreement with its Apple”.

“The certificate will be revoked any developer uses the certificate of the company own to distribute apps to consumers, which is what we have done in this case to protect our users and their data”.

This means that Facebook cannot currently distribute the internal versions of its applications like Messenger and WhatsApp instead of the developers and employees internally.

Criticized Facebook reports through the statement says, “is to ignore the basic facts about the market research this. There was nothing secret about this app, which was called literally the name of the application Facebook Research”.

The statement added that there wasn’t a spy because of all the people who participated through the process of clear ask permission from them and pay them to participate, was less than 5 percent of the people who chose to participate in the program of market research that teenagers.

The gate Arab News Technical Apple is stepping up its battle with Facebook because of the data collection

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