Apple is responsible for the low quality the Apple Watch in court

Sapphire glass, which Apple installs in top modification of the Apple Watch, in fact less resistant to scratching than claimed by the manufacturer. This follows from the content of the claim 21-year-old canadian Dina Lubaki applied to the court for protection of his violated rights to the safe operation of the product.

Glass Apple Watch

According to Labaki, in September last year, he bought a ceramic version of the Apple Watch with the “Milanese loop”. In the process of operation, the plaintiff found that the magnet in the back of the smart watch bracelet attracts, and contact with it leads to scratching. Similar damage appear on the display even at short-term contact with the bracelet.

Revealed the malleability of the case of the Apple Watch to damage is not consistent with the announcement made by Apple about high durability of the components used. In particular, on the description page of the product the manufacturer calls the Apple Watch Edition “brilliantly sustained” scratches, obviously, pointing this way at a high rate of strength branded smart watches.

Warranty From Apple

All attempts Lubaki to defend their right to risk-free operation of the product, expressed in intentions to exchange your copy of the Apple Watch within one-year limited warranty, were stopped by the Apple Store. According to them, the exchange of goods is possible only under condition of factory defects, regardless of Lubaki service AppleCare.

The exchange of goods

In the process of preparation of the material revealed that the Cupertino, learn about the upcoming trial, has agreed to reimburse Loubaki for the damages. Despite the willingness of the manufacturer to meet the plaintiff halfway, he refuses to engage in dialogue with the representatives of the brand, stating intent to seek satisfaction only through the court.

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