Apple is promoting the availability of its service to the Apple Music service in the Middle East for 50 million song

آبل تعزز تواجد خدمتها Apple Music في الشرق الأوسط لتصل 50 مليون أغنية

Apple announced about promoting the availability of the service by the users and applied the Apple Music service in the Middle East and North Africa to reach 50 million songs variety will be available in seven regions: the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt.

And I discovered Apple this achievement by launching a new destination in the Middle East region on behalf of Sounds of Arabia to help users in exploring a range of groups music of the Middle East, which are prepared by local experts.

The company said in its statement about it: “come Sounds of Arabia in honor of all the creative projects that are popular locally, while exceeding their music local boundaries to speak the language of Global such as poverty, Jordan September who destroy their roots of Arab music indy rock.”

She added: ” the work of the Apple Music service from passion to discover the best talent in the Middle East, which gives local artists a global platform to deliver their music to audiences around the world, and shed light on their actions, and support through articles and editorial such as the publication of the work of the task 74 Sol Jordanian Palestinian and here’s something Egyptian in many of the Apple Stores Music across the globe.”

Services aim to Apple TV musical latest international music, most notably, in addition to providing a huge catalogue contains lists of operating Essential Playlist for each of the artists within the group contain 50 million different song. The company’s interest groups different from the music other Gulf and Moroccan tea and Lebanese.

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