Apple is preparing to open the door of the booking headphones Powerbeats Pro in 3 from May

In a new report published on the site 9to5mac today it was pointed out that the mark of the Beats subsidiary of Apple will open door advance reservation headsets Powerbeats Pro Wireless on 3 May, that are available in the outlets in the 10 of May.

Powerbeats Pro

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Revealed a relationship Beats business released new Headphones Wireless Powerbeats Pro at the beginning of this month, where it announced the pricing of the handset, which launched at a price of $ 250, and noted that the sky will be available during the month of May.

And today came the details of the new report 9to5mac reveals the specific date to provide a wireless speaker, where to start Apple in open door advance reservation for heaven, on 3 May, and its in the outlets in the 10 of May.

Have indicated Apple during the financial period that the headset Powerbeats Pro will be available in black only during the month of May, that the available choices of other colors during the summer of this year.

Recall that the headset Powerbeats Pro includes processor chip Apple H1, also supports the age of charging up to 9 hours of playback, also can charge the sky for 5 minutes to 1.5 from the age of shipping.

Featuring a fish design water-resistant making it a good choice for athletes, also this release comes with full support assistant to Apple’s virtual Hey Siri to receive voice commands to control the sky, as can be verified also in the sky through the button featured the slogan Beats.


I know of

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