Apple is preparing to launch a system of its smart through 2020 CSR for the iPhone!

Can Apple launch a new product in 2020 the continent, namely, smart glasses with augmented reality Augmented Reality (AR). System of Apple TV will enter the stage of actual production during the last quarter of 2019 which according to the statements of the analyst, the famous Ming-Chi Kuo.

تصميم متوقع لنظارة آبلDesign available for Apple TV

Apple will cooperate with many companies and factories to assist them in the production process, including the company Changying Precision China that owns the bounties of the wide in the field of manufacturing technical.

Dart a lot of rumors about Apple smartphone during the last period, but in the end it looks like it will see the light of day during the second quarter of 2020 the next. It is worth mentioning that it was found on the photo icons to the system within the file system of iOS recently.

How will the system of the Apple TV?

System Apple TV you will be placing on the market, CSR (accessory) for the iPhone will work as the display of through the lens with the integration with augmented reality apps AR and the operating system of its own based on iOS system.

System of Apple TV will depend on the hardware of the iPhone in the processing and will not say Apple better slides E-so in order to make them lighter and less expensive and more similar in design to traditional.

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