Apple is preparing a revolutionary interface that will copy all

It is no secret that Apple is able to produce revolutionary products. While the guys from Cupertino turns out to set trends even in cases when they are not first.

For example, the first smartphone with cut-out became an Essential Phone, but trends have given Apple introducing FaceID. Currently, almost all smartphones have the cutouts with the face scanner.

In 2019 we are waiting for the next revolution, which will undoubtedly be followed by all the other manufacturers. We are talking about a new way of interacting with the interface.

In 2007, Steve jobs introduced multitouch technology, in its scale, the new technology Apple will not be worse. We are talking about hovering-multitouch (hovering gestures).

Something similar can now be found in smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note. The pen is able to interact with the screen at a distance of 30 mm without touching. For the first time this technology was presented by the company Sony, releasing a Xperia Sola with Floating Touch technology in 2012.

In the case of the iPhone, according to rumors, Apple has completely adapts the interface of iOS, adding support for multiple touches (Note 9 only supports single touch) and increase the distance of interaction from 30 mm to 50 mm.

However, the innovations don’t end there. According to colleagues from the Korean etnews, Apple will equip the iPhone (2019) triple rear 3D TOF camera, which can be found in the newly introduced Oppo R17 Pro. This camera is capable of scanning space and convert it into a 3D model. On something like this previously worked, Google (Project Tango).

Similar technology from Microsoft

In a compartment two the technology will allow Apple to create something completely new. The company may go completely on gestures without contact, with the support of AR. And something tells us that we are talking about a real revolution.

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