Apple is planning to use slices 5G Samsung وMediaTek in 2019

The report revealed Reuters about the plans of Apple to rely on Samsung وMediaTek supply chipset modem 5G versions 2019 from phones iPhone.


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Still legal disputes between Apple and Qualcomm list even now in the corridors of the courts of the United States, where a report revealed by Reuters about the remarks of the Apple in the invitation list now, which refers to the plans of the present company to use chipset modem 5G designed via Samsung or MediaTek phones iPhone 2019.

This challenge is associated with Apple to the new companies for the supply of sliced 5G, after the adoption of the Apple to Qualcomm since 2011 to 2016 for the supply of slices of the season, where I used the Apple in 2016 chipset Qualcomm and in both phones the iPhone iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus.

Led the beginning of the legal disputes between Qualcomm barrage to focus Apple on the count full on Intel now for the supply of slices and Season versions 2018 of phones the iPhone, except that the statements of the recent Apple that came across Blevins, confirmed that Apple will fully rely on Intel for the supply of the chipset mod is a swelling of 2019, where the company began already in the planning to rely on other companies including Samsung and MediaTek.

On the other hand decided Apple also signed a deal with Qualcomm which made an offer to buy Apple at a discount to the slices offered by the phones the iPhone killer exclusively.

Projections indicate that Apple was still making games in the current time to choose the company supplied segments of the private cell phones of iPhone 5G is expected to be launched in 2020, to be submitted this year Apple three versions of phones and the iPhone are the iPhone XI Max that comes settings the tripartite camera, iPhone XI camera dual, with a new version of the iPhone the XR team.


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