Apple is planning to support phones the iPhone in 2020 chip Bionic accurately manufacture 5 nm

A new report reveals about the plans of Apple to support phones the iPhone in 2020 chip processor A12x Bionic which is based on the accuracy of manufacture of 5 nm.

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Were to buy Apple and Huawei sports in the launch of the chip of the processor is possible to accurately manufacture 7 nm in all of Kirin 980 وA12 Bionic, before offering the Qualcomm chip Snapdragon 855 to markets, and a new report revealed recently published on the internet on phones and the iPhone in 2020 come with a microchip A12x Bionic possible to accurately manufacture 5 nm.

It is scheduled to come to chip by the manufacture TSMC EUV resists, where TSMC in supplying chip processor of Apple in the coming period, to work on the supply chip, the Apple next to accurately manufacture 5 nm which supports phones faith in 2020.

Recall that the report also confirmed that the processor chip Bionic coming from Apple will come in a smaller size, with a performance of the highest consumption of less energy, also are expected to be these versions of the phones the iPhone is the first versions that support networks of the fifth generation of Apple.


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