Apple is planning to move the Face ID to a sophisticated level of unprecedented

Although the system fingerprint Face ID in the iPhone is still the most facial recognition systems reliability compared to any other smart phone so far, but it is not without some shortcomings. Although also from the leadership of the fingerprint Face ID a great job in identifying the users at the level of individuals or in the detection of food fraud and must Hollywood like, but it is still possible to fail in front of the identical twins. There is no doubt that that case was good and plentiful and creamy on the Alto sync with the release of the iPhone X. In the last few days has been the disclosure of a new patent to Apple related to the following fingerprint Face ID more sophisticated so that it is difficult or impossible to be hacked or tricked by the twins identical or even having the possibility made specially for it. What new technology provided by Apple this time?

أبل تخطط لنقل بصمة الوجه Face ID إلى مستوى متطور غير مسبوق

I didn’t change the Face ID since they were first introduced, but Apple is preparing to introduce a major change in that system may be in the organs of the iPhone, coming this year. According to a number of reliable sources, it will be included devices iPhone killer a new version which is the second generation of the system fingerprint, Face ID, which will be faster, more accurate and more reliable. It seems that Apple has been working on better techniques to distinguish between twins, siblings, and other members of the family similar millions.

In a new patent published last week by the USPTO, you give Apple for a way to fingerprint, Face ID from to be able to export under the skin and identify the attributes of existing below it, such as blood vessels and veins!

And the patent in part reads as follows:

May be the evaluation of existing properties under the skin such as blood vessels and veins during the process of authentication, facial recognition is useful in discrimination between users who have a resemblance to a large degree, such as twins and siblings. Thus can also use those characteristics to prevent opening of the device by unauthorized users. wearing a mask or by using another method such as a copy destination and repeat it.

And the patent also: in spite of convergence or funding severe in the facial features between relatives, only that the forms and patterns of the blood vessels and veins are usually different and unique for each individual and can in no way match even with identical twins.

Thus, you can use the properties of those blood vessels and veins in the skin layers of the face to distinguish between siblings and twins or other users with profiles similar to the surface of the skin of the face. In some models, can absorb the blood vessels under the facial skin, it is also possible to accommodate the characteristics of the long bloody eyes of the user during the authentication process.

Although it is unlikely to see this technology this year, however, patent that shows that Apple is still working hard and in a different way to achieve the function prints face Face ID make the outline of biometric authentication more secure and more powerful.

It is worth mentioning, spread new rumors confirm that the design of the iPhone, next is the camera triple lens will come to the same design as the boats in advance, any three cameras and flash in the form of a box similar to the phone Mate 20.

But can not confirm or deny such a thing, though it surely will be a good share of irony, and then we’ll see phones many believe that the figure under it like what we used to bump X.

What do you think about patented new Apple TV? Do you expect to see soon? Tell us in the comments.



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