Apple is planning to launch headphones and glasses augmented reality in 2022 and 2023

Step in exciting, new to the company, Apple reported last month that it has been assigned the task of developing the Headset supporting augmented reality to be launched in 2020, followed by the launch of the system of augmented reality integrated in the following year 2023! Which explains how the company’s attention to these techniques.

Rumors about Apple’s reality farmers had been in circulation for months -or years – long in the previous period it seems that the rumors have borrowed from the finish in exchange for these new realities that beside the rampant rumors about the release system of the virtual reality VR company in the next year!

So, we’re after two years or less from the vision of the augmented reality device of the first from Apple and who knows maybe we’ll see your virtual reality earlier! What do you think? And are you excited for this kind of products? We participated in the comments..

Source: Apple Insider

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