Apple is planning to launch an iPhone that supports 5G networks by designing a hole in the screen

Spotted the latest leaks published through the Ice Universe about the plans of Apple next to release a new version of phones, the iPhone supports the networks of the fifth generation features design camera built-in screen, to apply this version in 2020.

Huawei-punch-hole-1000x563 Use a lot of phone manufacturers to launch special versions of the smart phones that support networks of the fifth generation during the first half of 2019, however, Apple will be over the next year to assess the need of the special from this category of phones, the iPhone in 2020.

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Has revealed new leaks came out over the Ice Universe that Apple has already plans to launch the iPhone 5G special design hole in the screen, where it applies to this version in 2020 will be the first version of Apple featured this design.

As confirmed leaks Ice Universe to new information that came out from a source in China confirms the 2020 launch this version to the markets, so you can Apple over the next year in the launch versions of phones iPhone with a distinctive design by extrusion of the upper in the screen.


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