Apple is planning to launch a paid service new to broadcast games

Revealed a new report published today on the internet about the plans of Apple to launch a new service to broadcast games with the fee estate specific users.


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Use Apple company to launch a paid service to broadcast games on the similar games service provided by Netflix, where users can pay fees or subscriptions to broadcast a range of games possible.

The report also confirms that Apple was already begun in the second half of 2018 in the meeting at the games in the framework of the start of the development of service new games, however, the report did not disclose the value of the fees provided for in the service of the games Apple the next, also did not come to report on the mentioned category of games to be submitted through this service.

On the other hand the report pointed out that the Apple presentations were made to the partnership with some of the developers of the games to support game developers with marketing and distribution or support of games developers in the production costs for games specific, where these performances in partnership as part of plans for Apple’s future development of other services.

Recall that Apple is experiencing a decline in sales of recent versions of phones the iPhone, coupled with some decline in service revenue, which is what drives Apple to develop new services to offset lower profits.


I know of

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