Apple is planning to integrate Find my iPhone and Find My Friends in one application

As mentioned, the iOS update 13 will serve to make many fixes on previous versions by bringing some new jobs such as dark mode at the system level, and undo gestures, in addition to some of the features your iPad.

I have appeared new news indicates that Apple is also working on integrating my app Find my iPhone وFind My Friends in one application code name Green Torch.

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There will come the application of new tracking on both iOS and macOS, Apple also plans to add a track without a contact via feature Find the Network which will be when the lost device is not connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network. Will also be adding another new feature is to send notifications when you arrive or leave a friend or a family member to a certain position.

Moreover, Apple’s new product for tracking devices, similar to NFC, which will be linked to your account on the iCloud.


I know of

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