Apple is not ready for the development of 5G. Than it is fraught?

Apple unveils iPhone-enabled networks of the fifth generation in 2020, reports Bloomberg, citing several people familiar with the plans of the company. The sources are confident that Cupertino is not ready for commercial exploitation of the technology, which engineers need more time than originally anticipated. This is the second similar report from a reputable publication, procamera lag Apple.

The planned delay in the development of 5G technologies could have on Apple a number of negative consequences, including loss of market share of smartphones, I suppose the interlocutors Bloomberg. A waiver of any progress in this area until 2020 will allow competing manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei forward, giving the great chance to win back some consumers who value the latest technology.

Why the Apple develops 5G

However, Apple’s decision to postpone the commercial deployment of 5G might be caused not so much by the unwillingness of the company, as the imperfection of existing technologies. It is known that the networks of the fifth generation is an extremely resource and energy intensive process. May delay the introduction of 5G until 2020, in Cupertino take a small timeout for the optimization of corporate practices, so as to preclude premature discharge of the iPhone and avoid overheating of internal components with the risk of failure.

As practice shows, Apple is no stranger to being cautious when it comes to the development of technology of Internet of new generation. For example, in Cupertino decided not to equip the original iPhone 3G, making it only a year. Similarly, the company has done with the iPhone 4S, did not receive support LTE technology, which … on the iPhone only with the release of the fifth iteration.

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