Apple is going to save money on screws for MacBook

Apple intends to reduce the cost of production of the new MacBook by reducing the procurement cost of the hardware, reports DigiTimes citing sources familiar with the situation. To achieve this, in Cupertino intend to enter into new supply contracts, refusing the services of partners with whom the company has tied up long-term relationships.

Cheap MacBook

According to the interviewees from DigiTimes, Apple first began thinking about the manufacturing cost reduction in such non-obvious way. However, this does not mean that skimping on hardware will lead to lower cost laptops. Thus in Cupertino just want to optimize the costs and increase the profitability of the business for the production of Mac computers.

MacBook Air Retina

It is expected that Apple uses components from new suppliers in the production of the new generation MacBook, whose release will take place towards the end of this year. According to rumors, they should be the 13-inch MacBook Air with Retina display and improved design. The price should remain approximately at the level of “air” laptops current generation.

The main question raised by industry experts: it will not affect whether reducing the cost of components on the quality of the final product? On the basis of developed over the years of development of the line of Mac computers practice, it can be assumed that Apple can do something like this, but given the potential fines and legal costs, such a scenario is unlikely.

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