Apple is facing problems because of the arrival of the price of the Evo to 1983 dollars in Egypt!

After one day of receiving the Apple hit in China, the Prohibition of the sale of a number of models of their activity and violations of intellectual property rights, the availability company of America a new problem in the Arab world, and specifically in the state of Egypt.

Not Devices iPhone of Apple is never the cheapest smart phones on the market, but this year the company has raised their prices to levels that never existed before in all over the world, one of these markets is Egypt, where you see the Egyptian Competition Authority that Apple put the “restriction unfair” to local distributors.

Where can buy devices Evo just by the number of the official channels established by the company, which meets the Egyptian Competition Authority, is designed to reduce the competition and this is the reason behind those high prices in the market.

For example, can buy Evo XS Max version 512 GB compared to 1668 dollars in the United Arab Emirates, but in Egypt it costs the same phone amount 1983$!

As a result of this large difference and after the investigation for a period of two years, the Economic Commission for Africa request from Apple to “remove any restrictions on the ability of the site” on the sale of devices iPhone in Egypt within the next 60 days. If the failure of the giant of Cupertino in doing so, the Economic Commission for Africa, will take legal action!

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