Apple is facing an investigation from the authority antitrust in Russia because of the refusal of the application for parental control

iPhone App Store

To make the Apple itself a goal to achieve a new body of antitrust in Russia after he rejected the application for parental control. Check the body fight the monopoly of the Russian federal complaint by company Kaspersky Lab because of the refusal of the application Kaspersky Safe Kids in the App Store, at least according to the news agency Reuters. Apple intends to apply Kaspersky Safe Kids presents ” the safety of the user and privacy risk“, which puts it in the same category with apps parental control other to remove them from her store earlier this year.

Received Apple many of the critics of American and European because of its control of strict on apps that allow parents to limit time spent by their children on their mobile devices. Apple released this summer a new policy on apps parental control this, allowing applications that rely on VPN and MDM. According to the guidelines updated, developers can use such techniques as long as they were careful not to sell kids ‘ data to third parties.

According to the news agency Reuters, the application is considered Kaspersky Safe Kids on the MDM. Says Kaspersky that while the rules permitting the new Apple TV using the technology in limited applications parental controls, it is still not clear for her how can she get permission from Apple to do this. Policy includes Apple TV updated to it is available on apps mobile device management ( MDM ) to request users ‘ permission to manage their mobile devices as well as provides in its privacy policy not to reveal this applications on the data to third parties.

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