Apple is available on request for $ 99 to transfer data to devices new Mac

If you have a lot of files and data that you want to transfer it to your new Mac, here’s good news, it has Apple announced about the cancellation fees imposed by the influence of data from your Mac to the latest, which was $ 99 dollars. From now on, if you purchased your Mac new, you’ll be able to transfer all of your data for free.

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However, you will not need to use the services of a data transfer cable or Thunderbolt or Ethernet to transfer files from your old device to your new device, these operations can take several hours sometimes. Instead, it will transfer your data quickly and easily via Migration Assistant or iCloud, not need to use any cables to complete it, where you will process all via Wi-Fi network.

But if you prefer to do it yourself without the intervention of Apple in the subject, there are some guidelines easy that will help you on that.


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