Apple is accused in the loss of communications with users

Immense price increase on the flagship model of the iPhone has meant that Apple has begun to break away from the consumers. This conclusion was made by researchers of the consulting company MBLM, having examined the opinions of more than 6,000 respondents who had to answer the question of whether they think that between them and the favorite brand have a connection. Many respondents agreed that the current business strategy kupertinovtsy more is not conducive to the establishment of a trusting relationship between them and the company, as has happened before.

Analysts MLBM developed its own method of identifying the strength of relationships between companies and their customers. In particular, it compares data on how consumers themselves perceive their involvement in the activities of the company, the level of understanding between them and the company (mainly it depends on the level of satisfaction with the activities of the company), as well as how the company responds to the needs of its customers.

Apple is not for everyone

Starting to inflate the price of the iPhone, the Cupertino – quite clearly shifted from a strategy of providing the fans the best product on exclusive making money, decided by the respondents. Most of them still believes the best smartphones on the market, however, they confessed, now buy iPhone is a one-sided game. If before, owning iPhone, it was possible to feel like a member of the closed community, but now there was only the feeling that you profited.

The activity of Apple – at least in the last two years – indeed in many respects contrary to the wishes of consumers, stated analysts. The company has raised prices of almost all its products from 20 to 100%, thus proving their inability to remain flexible in matters of pricing. In addition, Apple is no longer the kind of fan-club focused on the development of the small lineup of products. Now in assortment of the company there are dozens of different products that just makes her materialistic activities coloring.

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