Apple: iPhone XR is the iPhone the best-selling

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آبل: iPhone XR هو جهاز آيفون الأفضل مبيعاً

The company said Apple the phone iPhone XR is Phone iPhone the best-selling, but did not provide any sales figures, as explained by Apple’s vice president of Product Marketing Greg Joswiak Greg goes in an interview that the iPhone XR was the best iPhone the best-selling every day since the day it became available, it seems that the words of the chief executive, comes as an attempt to reduce the importance of analyst reports earlier this week about the performance of the iPhone XR was worse than expected by Apple.

This is considered to permit the first official talk to the company about how the performance of the new iPhones, which will include the company’s lineup is now its most expensive ever iPhone XS and iPhone XS Mas, along with her phone the least expensive among the new devices iPhone XR $ 750 USD, which cost any more than a basic model phones from iPhone previously.

Featured earlier this month many reports that talked about the decline in shipping requests for this model, leading to fears that the sales floor may be graded significantly, and despite of permit Apple TV to iPhone the XR is the iPhone best-selling of by the company, but the problem is that Apple does not provide figures for about the number of iPhones it sells.

There is no way to know whether the phone represents a tremendous success for the company or they sell the numbers of the best compared with the numbers of sales of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Mas the most price in the absence of specific data, where the phones high price as the updated versions for the past year iPhone X, which suggests that sales may be worse than expected and the sales of the iPhone XR looks stronger in comparison.

Featured is a lot of speculation about the future of the iPhone from Apple, but there may be no real reason to worry, at least until the start of the Apple company concerned, taking into account the appearance of similar reports in the past year about reducing the police to request a charging iPhone X, which turns out later that he had helped the company in achieving a significant increase in its revenues even though the number of sales units is not the best.

The strategy began Apple in general in a shift towards the sale of fewer devices, most profitable, and unfortunately, it is likely that analysts believe Wall Street to this kind of uncertainty in relation to the cell phones of the iPhone, it will be difficult to judge how good the performance of sales of the new iPhones even if the increased profits when you know Apple announced its results quarterly for the next, since they decided not to reveal unit sales for their organs from now on.

The gate Arab News Technical Apple: iPhone XR is the iPhone the best-selling

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