Apple involved a video clip to portray the water the way by iPhone XS

Yesterday was published the Apple TV a video clip captured fully by the camera in the iPhone XS, which offer spectacular scenes of a drop of water in the several modes under the effect of slow motion, the title of the video “the Cascade”. As posted Apple TV also video shows a look behind the scenes during the experiments for making this video.

The filming of “Cascade” by the iPhone XS, which displays a close-up look incredibly on the water in a variety of different environments, which shows the potential of the camera of the iPhone XS. Shows video features such as slow motion slo-mo photography, high-quality 4K and more.

I know of

Availability of Apple’s use of the campaign “photography by iPhone” as a way to market camera iPhone XS. Last year, we watched a video clip training demonstrates how to use the Apple water, fire and light to create enchanting scenes and using slow motion وال4K and time-lapse.

Watch a video of “Cascade” in addition to the video business from behind the scenes below.

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