Apple introduces plates shipping AirPower Wireless for sale September next


A recent report from Bloomberg citing sources close to the company Apple is preparing to roll out wireless charging plate own AirPower from Apple in September next, will be available for sale in markets by the models of the iPhone new.

According to the report, didn’t turn the Apple TV on the devices AirPower in public since advertised for the first time in September, and in that time, she said she expects to have the device available for purchase in 2018, but she didn’t say the articles specifically.


In an unusual step for a company of Apple, suggested that the users purchase wireless charging devices fromMophie and Belkin , instead of charging accessories own that delayed its launch, the Apple hopes to be the organs of AirPower ‘s ready to return by June, but it now aims to provided in the fall.

Struggling Apple is currently the production volumes of panels for wireless charging that you ship three different products at once, any iPhone , and the Apple Watch headphones AirPods wireless, the engineers also make sure not to overheat the product, as they are trying to overcome challenges associated with complex technologies in AirPower.

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