Apple introduces new versions of the iPad Air and iPad mini

آبل تطرح نسخ جديدة من iPad Air و iPad mini

Apple introduced today my iPad as new with different specifications with attractive design, it revealed the iPad Air that comes design very skinny, The company also unveiled the iPad mini small. Both devices support pen Apple and two chip-processing new A12 Bionic made by the company with the iPhone recent iPad Pro and wizard nervous to accelerate the performance and increase the efficiency of artificial intelligence techniques.

IPad Air iPad Air

آيباد آير - iPad Air

Comes iPad Air with screen $ 10.5-inch Retina display larger by about 20% than the previous generation and more than half a million pixels extra to raise the precision, and the device design is similar to the previous iPad the existence of a fingerprint sensor button Home screen unlike what we saw with the iPad Pro, also offers a higher performance by about 70% from the previous generation plus 50% more speed in graphics processing.

IPad mini iPad mini

آيباد ميني - iPad mini

Provide your iPad mini screen measuring 7.9 inches it is the other kind of Retina display clearly the top 25% of the previous generation, the device offers higher performance in data processing by about 3 times, it also offers the speed of the graphics processor by about 9-fold thanks to the chip A12 Bionic.

And Apple they made the two in order to provide more options for users around the world, as she spoke about the continuing situation of great potential in its organs, especially the support of techniques of augmented reality and the smartphone.

Comes both the iPad Air and iPad mini Color Silver, Gray space and gold, both of which carry two copies of the memory between 64 GB and 256 GB. Will the price of iPad Air from 1,599 SAR for the regular starts of the 2,129 people that chip touch, the iPad mini starts its price of 1,999 SAR for normal, 2,529 people that support bar connection.

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