Apple introduces controller games Xbox for sale, in an attempt to promote Apple Arcade in iOS 13

With the arrival of the latest update of the operating system macOS, the service has become Apple Arcade available now on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV Mac, as to highlight the advantages of the new update is the support of the police, controllers, wireless Xbox PS4. Now sells Apple TV remote control, Xbox Wireless in her shop over the internet, it will also be available for sale in the store starting from October 11.

The operating system provides iOS 13 وiPadOS 13 and tvOS 13 وmacOS Catalina users the ability to use your wireless controller to the Xbox or PS4 DualShock to experience new games. It enables users of the Apple TV since a long period of use of the gaming controls of the third party, such as those provided by SteelSeries, etc., but this fall is the first time where the use of control devices of the two largest gaming consoles.

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Can unit the custom control in the game to improve the gameplay experience similar to video game consoles or personal computers, the focus of Apple on games seriously with Apple Arcade because it included just the remote control, Xbox Wireless in the store on the internet.

The Apple TV device verification Xbox for sale at a price of $ 60. In the meantime, don’t show the wireless controller PS4 DualShock in the Apple App Store. In particular, the need game developers to include support for their toys, so it cannot play all games using the wireless controller.

The Xbox console from Apple come at a price higher by about $ 20 compared at Amazon at the time of writing this report. But this step is a signal that Apple is committed to building Apple Arcade in a new service promising.

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