Apple intends to invest in Egypt and a project for the development of Education

Apple intends to invest in Egypt and a project for the development of Education

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly chairman of the Council of ministers, with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Global on the sidelines of the Davos conference of the World Economic.

Said Madbouly during the meeting that the Egyptian government is seeking to digital transformation, the development of all its that the technological revolution, and it’s looking for Apple to direct investment in Egypt, especially that Apple is very popular in the Egyptian market.

And the prime minister that for Apple the possibility to take advantage of some of the projects with a technology, which seeks Egypt to develop them, and have the status of continuity of the programme for the development of education, provide tablets for students, the project of the new administrative capital,

With all its technology based on modern technologies, in addition to the 14 new city another of smart cities, representing a fertile area for investment by Apple.
In response to the Prime Minister’s statement, confirmed Tim Cook, head of Apple,

That the company intends to rule the world to Egypt direct investment, and is currently studying the plans and structures of the proposed areas of targeted investment, and there are more than

38 thousand people are working with the Apple company inside Egypt in the field of development of software applications IOS, and among them a group very distinct from young people who possess sophisticated skills in programming and other fields of technology.

He welcomed Tim Cook, in collaboration with Egypt in the field of technology education, especially that this board complies with the company’s vision and objectives in the field of education development around the world.
Concluded Tim his talk that Apple looked to hold meetings between the officials of the police and officials in the field of education in Egypt to discuss cooperation.

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