Apple intends to improve the Face ID in the new iPhone

Apple decided to seriously take up the revision of its proprietary technology of facial recognition Face ID. According to the publication Bloomberg, the company intends to purchase a new 3D camera made by Sony with the support of ToF (Time of Flight). According to experts, such step will allow American corporations to solve several fundamental problems.

In the 3D-sensors from Sony use an innovative (though not new) technology ToF (Time of Flight), which allows to obtain reliable information about the object using light pulses. This is measured by the round trip time of the pulse, including the return journey. It’s possible that Apple adapts this technology for use in iPhone, because this case will be solved at least two problems:

  • The response speed and accuracy. The basis of the TrueDepth is a method of determining the object by a structured light that does not always guarantee high-speed operation. The introduction of ToF could once and for all solve this issue.
  • The cost of production. Surprisingly, sensors of own production cost Apple more than the purchase of similar modules from Sony. This is the most obvious way to reduce your expenses.

According to the source, Apple plans to equip the latest iPhone with sensors next year. After smartphones, advanced technology and get a professional tablet iPad Pro. However, such forecast agree not all. For example, a reputable analyst Ming Chi-Kuo is confident that the us would not shy away from proprietary technology TrueDepth, the development of which has been invested a huge amount of money. Who in the end turned out to be right, time will tell.

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