Apple intends to decrease the sales of iPhone

When warned Apple earlier this month that sales during the holiday period were lower by 11% than expected, was a shock. Now it seems as if sales in that direction already.

In its financial statement recently published, the company forecast sales of between 55 million to $ 59 million for the fiscal second quarter of last year, compared with an average estimate of Wall Street, amounting to about $ 59 million, and this expansion comes after are disappointing in the first quarter of last year.

The sales forecast is the latest point of data for the observers of the Apple that they questioned for years what would reach sales of the iPhone during the quarter, and now it seems they’ve got the answer.

Apple said it achieved sales of $ 52 million from the sales of the iPhone in the first fiscal quarter not ending 29 December last year, a decrease of 15% compared to the same period last year, while the financial analyst Bernstein, Tony sales amounted to 66.6 million units in the quarter.

The company said that the trade problems between the United States of America and China in addition to the decrease of the value of the currencies after the World League against the dollar are the main reasons behind the low sales of the iPhone, indicating the decrease of the value of the currency in some states such as Turkey, led to the pricing of the iPhone at high prices when calculating the difference between the pound and the dollar, which is the cause of the reluctance of consumers to buy new phones.

However, the company said it has assessed macro-and reduce the prices of iPhones in a number of states of the world to align prices with the value of the currency and purchasing power of consumers.

Last quarter profits were a strong reminder of how important iPhone is to Apple. Where the products has made the company’s other growth, including computers, devices and removable poncho. However, with the iPhone representing more than 60% of sales of Apple, these successes were not sufficient to avoid problems for iPhone.

Apple’s focus on the growth of commercial activities that rely on the provision of services, which include applications, games, soon-to-be from the pads of its movies and games with the same idea of Netflix, which helps to diversify its resources and sources of revenue to share sales of the iPhone in the future.

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