Apple intends to add technology featured in the screen of the faith borrowed from its smart!

The screen of the faith – and any smart phone generally – is the most consuming battery power, Apple is aware of this well so it may take serious steps towards this future with the next versions of the iPhone with technology LTPO.آبل تنوي إضافة تقنية مميزة في شاشة الايفون مستعارة من ساعتها الذكية!

The location of The Elec the Korean report stated that Apple plans to use a screen technology called LTPO in the next versions of the faith.

Technical LTPO is the abbreviation for Low-temperature Polycrystalline Oxide or oxide polycrystalline low heat is used within the panels of the screen which consume less energy by 15% compared with silicon currently used in phones and the faith, which means longer battery life when you resort to it.

This technique is not new but rather used by Apple already underway in the screen of the fourth and fifth generation of her watch smart to give up to 18 hours of work even with a feature Always-on Display.

تقنية LTPO مستخدمة بالفعل في ساعة ابلTechnical LTPO already in the Apple Watch

It is worth mentioning that Apple has started to use OLED display in their products for the first time in 2015, followed by EVO X on the 2017 a difference of only two years, so it’s not surprising to see the metaphor technique LTPO is other with the next versions of the faith with a view to prolong the battery life along with to reduce the energy consumption of other components internally, such as the processor and modem.

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