Apple ID know users greater service to push Chinese power

Apple ID تعرض مستخدمي أكبر خدمتي دفع صينية للسرقة

Warned the largest companies, two electronic payment service in China and users have to resort to some thieves to buy products over the accounts of Apple own their device, so hacking them the definition of authentication with Apple (Apple ID), as published Alipay, a subsidiary of Alibaba are some tips to security holders of Apple computers about this problem, she also said WeChat Pay of the company test to confirm similar things to Bloomberg via a letter arrived recently, said Alipay’s encounter with the American police in this regard, hoping to solve this case, according to Reuters.

In the translation from the website of Bloomberg publication the tips for payment service Chinese Alipay, explained that as long as Apple did not solve the issue related to hacking the Apple ID all Apple users who link their accounts and payment services of their own either WePay or Alipay oats credit to the Apple ID they are vulnerable to theft.

In the context of the topic, said the spokesman for Apple that the company is pushing consumers towards the use of the word secret nature of the strong, also do check the security Two-Step Verification to maintain their account, at which time no mention breadth of the problem or the amount of money lost to the world of speed, where Reuters reported on the agency to tell the Chinese that some of the funds lost far 290$, where Apple plans to retrieve them.

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