Apple HomePod will be available for pre-order starting next Friday

Apple’s HomePod

It was supposed to lead Apple to issue smart speaker Apple HomePod in the month of December last year, but the company decided to postpone it to early in the year 2018 because she was going to need more time to improve the performance of the hardware and the software on this device meet the expectations of potential users. Having said that, has now confirmed that the smart speaker Apple HomePod will be available for pre-order is finally on the App Store official Apple online as of next Friday, while it will be available for purchase in retail stores of Apple as of the ninth day of the month next February in both the United States and the United Kingdom and Australia.

Smart speaker Apple HomePod will be available in white and gray would be the$ 349 in the United States of America, while it will be £319 in the UK, and at$ 499 in Australia. It should be noted that the audio amplifier design smart Apple HomePod to work with the Apple Music service, but it should be noted that this device will lack two features can in the beginning, and it comes here all feature multi-room, as well as feature Stereo which allows you to use two units from a HomePod to create the effect of stereo. And yet never reveal to us the Apple for the time frame in which you see these features available for the device, once to point out that these features will reach the device later this year through a software update.

When Apple announced about the smart speaker Apple HomePod company focused on showing the capabilities of this device in the broadcast songs with high quality, as well as its capabilities including the advent with the digital assistant Siri which is Apple that will make Apple HomePod distinctive in the market the speakers growing.

And on the mentioned market smart speakers, they are still both Amazon and Google are companies dominant on this market thanks to a series speakers Amazon Echo and Google Home respectively. Thus, Apple has found itself once again intervened in late for most of them to this market, the UFC recently.


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