Apple hiring head of Department of artificial Google has

Think Apple’s introduction of the artificial and machine learning in all of its applications and services, there is no better to attract skills and expertise from competitors to strengthen its presence on this coast, which he did by appointing a Scottish architect John Giannandrea for her team managing top-level as deputy director of the machine learning and intelligence industry.

It was Giannandrea works for Google less than a year ago as head of the research and industrial partners will work on the development of the capabilities of the voice assistant Siri and machine learning system Apple and twist it into all company applications.

Said Apple in a press release that John Giannandrea will focus on integrating the techniques of machine learning in its products more widely to become more intelligent and understanding of the ocean and provide the most realistic experience for the user. It will also facilitate the task in front of the developers to add the properties of the artificial in their apps for iPhone and Mac.

Considering Apple are well lagging behind in relation to smart industry, as well aware that this area in addition to machine learning constitutes a major part of the growth of the company Future technology, you get the same now.

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