Apple held talks to acquire section, processors of the Intel

After the settlement of Apple with Qualcomm, I left Intel suddenly Market Wizards season 5G for smartphones, and a new report from the Wall Street Journal this week, that Apple has already conducted talks with Intel to acquire the section the products of the season.

According to the report, the talks between Intel and Apple began last summer, and continued until recently. The report indicates that things broke down as soon as Apple has signed officially the new with Qualcomm, which led to the announcement of Intel’s exit from the market of processors fifth-generation smart phones, the report indicates that the sale of the Intel section, processors of the season for any company else is still a possibility.

Announced that Intel’s profit in the first quarter of 2019 earlier this week, noting that it will continue to provide processors of the networks fourth generation 4G customers, and is likely to include the iPhone 2019.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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