Apple has sold 600 thousand headphone HomePod during the last quarter

Sold Apple an estimated 600 thousand to hear the HomePod during the first quarter of 2018, according to new estimates shared by Analytics company market Strategy Analytics. And I heard sales of the Apple TV market the company on 6 percent of the world market for headphones smart behind the Amazon parking download Alibaba.

The company said Amazon shipped an estimated 4 million units of headphones smartphone during the same quarter increased by 43.6 per cent of the market, while charging the Google an estimated 2.4 million of the headphones Google Home with a market share of 26.5 per cent, followed Alibaba in second place after the shipment of the 700 thousand units while the Apple is in fourth place share fifth with 200 thousand units.

And Apple is a long way to reach Google, Amazon lead in this market currently, where he witnessed both tremendous growth in Shipments over the past year, shipments rose Amazon increased by two million compared to the first quarter of 2017, while increased Google decreased by 2.1 million.

Fell share of the Amazon market year after year because of strong sales for Google, and newcomers to the market such as Apple, Alibaba, and Shaw, but Amazon is still ranked first in the world of the heavens and smart in the world.

Commented David Watkins, Director of Strategy Analytics that “Amazon and Google represent the dominant share of 70% of shipments clear of smart the world in the first quarter of 2018 in spite of the low share participation of 84% in the last quarter of 2017, 94% in the quarter similar to last year, partly due to strong growth in the Chinese market of the heavens and the smart local”.

In total, there were an estimated 9.2 million units of headphones smartphone were shipped during the first quarter of 2018. At the present time, is Apple’s fourth largest Brand of headphones smartphone in all over the world after asking her for the HomePod, but its sales have not yet reached to affect the major players Google and Amazon.

And still Apple TV device HomePod new so the improvements and changes that may occur in the future versions of it may lead to a radical change in its position coordinate to a real competition with Google and Amazon. It is rumored that Apple was actively considering the launch of a copy of the device home iPod low cost may arrive at a price ranging from $ 150 to $ 200, compared to $ 349 for the current.

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