Apple has simplified beta testing iOS apps

During WWDC 2018, the company Apple announced a Public function to Link corporate service test applications TestFlight. Thanks to it developers can access the beta versions of their programs to thousands of users via the invitation link.

The advantage of the new method invitations to participate in beta testing is in its full autonomy. Now the developer simply generate a link and place it in a public place, while previously you had to manually invite each user individually.

The link will bring the user to the boot file of the program under test, not forcing him to introduce a unique invitation keys, and make other unnecessary actions, the Commission of which was required in the past, in order to identify themselves.

At the moment the maximum number of users that can be invited to participate in the beta test, limited to 10 000 people. Despite this, the developer can adjust the number of testers, reducing or increasing it as needed.

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