Apple has released an updated dock for the Apple Watch

Simultaneously with the MacBook Pro with Radeon graphics Vega, Apple started official sales of the updated dock for the Apple Watch. It follows from the branded online store of the company. The update confirms a new serial number of the model that has changed with MLDW2AM/A on MU9F2AM/A and is a direct indication of changes in the design of the device, despite absolutely identical to the previous version’s appearance.

Apple did not disclose the reasons for the upgrade, docking station, allowing to assume that the changes were not too significant. In any case, the manufacturer has retained not only the appearance of the device, but even her price and tried not to advertise the fact the updates on your website. The only reason why Apple might think about upgrading magnetic dock, are changes in the design of the charging pad the new Apple Watch Series 4.

New from Apple

That Apple started sales of the updated dock for the Apple Watch, and not just made an inventory change of serial numbers, according to the Federal communications Commission of the United States. In the database of the American regulator has been found the registration documents that indicate the fact of certification of a new portable device for charging.

To purchase a dock for Apple Watch

Unlike the MacBook Pro graphics Radeon Vega, who so far distributed only in the US and Europe, an updated dock for the Apple Watch is already available for purchase in the Russian Apple Online Store. Its price is nothing short of 6490 rubles. At the time of publication the delivery of accessory are estimated 1-2 weeks, indirectly indicating a lack of inventory models.

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