Apple has released a second emergency patch for a new MacBook Pro

Today, 28 August, Apple introduced an updated build of macOS 10.13.6 for MacBook Pro 2018. This is already the second timewhen the company releases an update of the current version of the OS.

Apple does not disclose the innovations that has the update, but with high probability it can be argued that it fixes the throttle problem. As it turned out, she still persisted even after installing a previous patch, manifesting itself in the form of wheezing dynamics.

Why pop speakers MacBook Pro

According to the portal user Reddit with nick Khaled, who discovered the connection throttle with sound artifacts, they occur only in the moments of greatest downs of productivity and disappear with its alignment that is clearly visible in the screenshots.

Because the update is meant only for owners of MacBook Pro 2018 model year, the owners of the other generations will not be able to install it. If the update did not appear in the list available for installation, we recommend you to download it from Apple’s website.

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