Apple has registered in Russia, the new iPad

Soon Apple will start selling at least two new iPad. This confirms the document published by the Eurasian economic Commission. The registration act contains a mention of the brand tablet of the company under previously unknown rooms, ready to rise in domestic retail.

Given the previous experience of the appearance of information about upcoming Apple products in the database of the Eurasian regulator, it can be assumed that the release of the new iPad to be released in the next few weeks. Most likely, the presentation, the official data which are not currently available, will be held in early March.

In the past, the Eurasian economic Commission repeatedly became the supplier leaks about upcoming Apple products. One of the most memorable cases was the publication of information about all the hardware innovations of the brand in the run-up to the September presentation of 2016. The regulator unwittingly confirmed the release of the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and AirPods wireless headphones.

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