Apple has registered in Russia 7 new Mac computers

Russia, which Apple seems to have never seriously considered, in recent years it has become a source of reliable leaks about the new products of the company. Despite the fact that the characteristics and the design of new products is still “comes” from China, the Eurasian economic Commission for leaking information about the number of new devices, their names and versions of operating system components of their policy framework. Was no exception and the present case.

Today, June 13, the Eurasian economic Commission published the registration documents for a new model iPhone that was filed by Apple. The publication of these documents means that the device passed the test the Federal security service and was declared safe, which is actually equal to the permit sale. Total of 7:

MacBook 2019

  • A2141
  • A2147
  • A2158
  • A2159
  • A2179
  • A2182
  • A2251

From the content of the documentation should be that until all 7 of Mac models operate on the basis of 10.14 macOS, but not macOS 10.15. However, this is completely standard practice, when Apple sets a new model FOR the previous generation, features which, as a rule, is enough to verify that devices and their certification.

Despite the fact that the documentation does not disclose the characteristics of the models, it is likely the 12-inch MacBook. They, unlike the laptops of other series, have not received updates since June of 2017. It is possible that the documents described a 16-inch MacBook Pro, which is rumored, could take place before the end of this year, but this is unlikely. In any case, if you believe the information from open sources, Apple itself is not ready for release, and therefore may transfer it to 2020.

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