Apple has patented the on-screen fingerprint scanner

Apple has patented a new type of display fingerprint sensor, which is far superior to similar solutions on the market. According to the publication GizChina citing its own reliable sources, Apple may introduce on-screen fingerprint scanner into one of its smartphones next year. There is every reason to believe that the screen sensor is no substitute for a Face ID, but only will act as the alternative for those users who, for one reason or another not suitable face detection technology.

If you believe the insiders, Apple is currently negotiating with the major suppliers of ultrasonic screen sensors. At the moment the most advanced scanners are produced by companies such as O film, GIS and TPK Holding. It is reported that the developed technology of Apple will be much faster, more accurate and more reliable than their counterparts. Speed recognition fingerprint new fingerprint scanner will surpass existing solutions in the market. Recall that most of these modules are optical, whereas in Cupertino plan to use advanced ultrasonic sensors.

According to the publication, so Apple is going to regain consumer interest in the iPhone. Providing additional unlock method for users who, for whatever reasons, are not ready to use Face ID, the company intends to significantly increase the demand for their flagship devices, and thereby improve its financial performance.

Of course, such statements should be treated with skepticism. At the moment it is just a rumor, which should be considered exclusively as a possible and logical development of the technology Touch ID.

Recall that the first smartphone with on-screen fingerprint scanner released by the Chinese company Vivo. Then the manufacturer of the fingerprint sensor made by the company Synaptics.

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