Apple has imposed censorship on iTunes

Apple began to censor the content gets into iTunes, reports BuzzFeed News. The company has already removed five of the six podcasts show Infowars, author and longtime hosted by the American journalist Alex Jones.

According to representatives of Apple, talked to BuzzFeed, the company’s actions aimed at combating hate speech, which Jones admitted in his show. Such a content is directly contrary to the policy of iTunes and would be subject to immediate removal.

Show Infowars

Apple is not the first company that showed resistance to the popularization of show Infowars, removing it releases its platform. Earlier the same way they did Facebook, Spotify and YouTube, whose management considered the brainchild of Jones are unacceptable.

Journalist Alex Jones is one of the most famous conspiracy theories in the United States. He promotes his ideas through the author’s show, Infowars, is trying to expose the true nature of a series of events like the September 11 attacks and landing Americans on the moon.

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