Apple has high hopes for the budget iPhone

Apple decided to revise their plans for the production of a new iPhone. The company will focus on “budget” model with LCD screen. Orders LCD matrix exceeds such on the OLED screens at least 2 times. In this analysts say Wall Street Journal.

Originally, Apple planned to produce the same number of iPhone models with LCD and OLED screens. Now the company’s suppliers received new instructions according to which the volume of supply on the LCD-matrix has been significantly increased.
Edition WSJ says that the move was due to the low demand for X iPhone. Despite the fact that sales were generally successful, it is still not the figures expected by Apple.

Analyst Ming Chi Kuo suggests that the prices for their iPhone line by 2018 will be the following: iPhone X 2018 – 800-900 dollars, iPhone X Plus — about 900-1000 dollars, a “budget” model with LCD screen will get a price tag of $ 600-700, and that will make her most popular in the lineup.

All three smartphones that Apple will show this fall, will have the same design as iPhone X. the Only difference will be the “budget” model – one camera instead of two, aluminum frame instead of steel, and cheaper to manufacture the screen.

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