Apple has disabled FaceTime group calls due to a dangerous bug

The service VoIP calls FaceTime found a bug that allows anyone to listen before he responds. Its operation is possible due to group calls. Ironic that the bug was discovered by users on the international day of protection of personal data, when Apple CEO Tim cook encouraged users to carefully monitor their data and protect them.

To provoke the bug, you must initiate a call to any user from your contact list. Not waiting for that answer, press add new contact and in the opened window enter your phone number. This will lead to actual acceptance of the call the person on the other end, even if he didn’t commit any action. It is noteworthy that the bug works both when making audio and video calls, allowing you to not only hear but also see companion against his will.

How to exploit a bug FaceTime

In Cupertino are already aware of the problem and promise to fix it with one of the next updates. Until all users without exception, it is recommended to disable FaceTime on their devices. This is necessary because, as noted by the representatives of the company, the manifestations of failure are subject to the owners of all devices running iOS 12.1 and later and Macs with macOS Mojave on Board.

How to disable FaceTime

Despite the fact that at the time of the publication server that is the work of the group FaceTime calls are disconnected, it is recommended to play it safe and cancel service on the device. To disable FaceTime on your iPhone, iPad, go to Settings app — FaceTime section and slide the activation switch in the inactive position.

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