Apple has developed a new way to unlock the Apple Watch

For many years now, Apple is equipping their devices with a fingerprint scanner, and more recently – and even face detection technology. the company has only one gadget that still hasn’t got a system for biometric authentication is the Apple Watch. Now the smart watch you can only unlock with a password that is not always convenient. This situation is definitely not happy with Apple this is why the engineers of the Corporation are working to address this shortcoming.

According to Patently Apple, the company is working on a new method of authentication biometric data in the Apple Watch. It is known that the Corporation sent a request to the US Patent office in September 2018, however, was made public and the document was only now.

As planned by engineers, for these purposes will use a special infrared camera. As soon as the user wears the watch, the sensors on the back begin to scan your wrist and compare a large number of records from the previously given examples: vascular structures, the location of veins and arteries, blood perfusion in the skin, tendons and connective tissue as well as skin pigmentation and pores. If match is found — the Apple Watch automatically rasplachivayutsya.

All these data will allow to exactly identify the user. In this case, the scanning process will not take much time.

Of course, in the Arsenal of the company there is a huge amount of untapped patents, so this information should be treated with some skepticism. But the technology looks really promising — hopefully we’ll see something similar in the near future.

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