Apple has developed a new protective cover for iPhone

For many years, manufacturers of smartphones used their devices tempered glass. In 2007, Apple has set this trend, releasing the original iPhone c application from a special aluminosilicate glass. But despite the fact that technology has leaped forward, protective coatings still cannot be called perfect – they are still scratched from dust particles and can easily break. But a promising new development, Apple plans to solve these problems.

Office of patents and trademarks U.S. published patent application Apple, this time the company registered a new type of coating.

The patent indicates that to ensure the hardness of the glass protective layer has introduced a special polymer. It will provide high resistance to scratches and external impact, including drops and bumps. The liquid polymer can be acrylic, complex polyester or TEOS (tetraethylorthosilicate). It is possible and the application or more solid polymers diamond-like carbon materials.

The document describes that a new type of protective coatings can be used in iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook and even AirPods. In theory, this material could be a great alternative to sapphire glass, the appearance of which analysts predicted back in iPhone 6.

Despite the potential of the design is not known for certain, whether it comes to practical implementation. As we know, Apple registers hundreds of patents, many of which will never be implemented in real products.

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