Apple has created the solution.. how to buy iPhone without paying?

Announced Tim Cook Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, that company credit card named the Apple Card will soon be added a new feature to finance the purchase of the iPhone, so that users will be able to the Apple Card from the financing of purchases iPhone without interest starting from later this year.

With the increase in the cost of Apple products, it may be sold more difficult, so, the company is planning to facilitate the purchase of your new iPhone for users of the Apple Card as long as the owner of the card doesn’t mind carrying more debt in order to get their products.

Cook said during the announcement of the company’s financial results for the fourth quarter: we are very pleased to announce today that later this year we will add another great feature to the Apple Card, so that customers will be able to buy a phone a new iPhone and pay for it over 24 months without interest.

He added, “faces of the users of the card enjoy all the benefits of a Apple Card, including cashback by 3 percent on the total cost of the iPhone without any fee at all with the ability to manage payments directly through the application of the Apple Wallet on the iPhone”.

The company explained that they are trying to make it more simple for people in order to get this type of Finance Monthly.

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And you Apple TV there are a lot of users who want the types of annuity such exchange on new products, the company said: We are committed to making it easier than it is today.

Provides Apple TV is already a number of ways to finance the cost of the iPhone, such as the upgrade of the iPhone, is expected to be the iPhone just the beginning, may be a way for Apple to sell more expensive products to feel without the buyer a lot of financial difficulties.

It has now become clear that the card Apple Card more than just credit card, as it is a way for the system of Apple’s ecosystem in order to buy the products of the new company the least amount of remorse.

Cook said, was the launch of the Apple Card the most successful launch for a credit card in the United States at all, stressing that the users feel thrilled by the simplicity and privacy of the transparency of the card, and they are able to make financial decisions more clearly.

Given that the company achieved substantial profits from hardware sales, they don’t need to restore any extra cash after submission for registration, and all you need is that users will be willing to take on more debt, which is something it seems that Apple users are happy with it.

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