Apple has a number of devices MacBook coming this year

Record company Apple seven devices laptops new has not been disclosed yet to the public, in the database of the commission Eurasian Economic Community the Eurasian, which sends a clear hint for versions of MacBook MacBook the next, which may arrive this fall.

Includes delivery to new devices will be computers, personal mobile numbers of new models are: A2141; and A2147; and A2158; and A2159; and A2179; and A2182; and A2251, with a copy of macOS 10.14 as the operating system, i.e. macOS Mojave, instead of the MacOS Catalina.

Despite having seven numbers of the new models, this does not necessarily mean that there will be seven products to come, so you can point these numbers sometimes to slight variations in the gear within the model itself.

The deposits of the Eurasian Economic Commission legally required for any encrypted devices sold in Russia, and a number of other countries.

While the Registry file indicates that the devices MacBook the new MacBook will arrive in a short time, but it is difficult to determine the exact date.

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Featured iPad Air and iPad mini new in the database of the Eurasian Economic Commission the Eurasian two months before the launch, in conjunction with the registration of models iPhone 11 last month, almost four months ago of the launch event Apple’s usual iPhone new in the month of September.

May include laptops, new MacBook led 12, The inches on Update, which hasn’t been updated since the year 2017.

Reportedly, the Apple TV also work on the development of the MacBook Pro completely new, with a screen 16 inches, which predicted the senior analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Ming-Chi Kuo that it will launch sometime this year.

This may be out as a launch possible for Apple devices to the new MacBook, or a MacBook Pro new.

It is worth mentioning that Apple released last month models, the MacBook Pro is updated with Intel processors eight nuclear, and the keys to a Butterfly updated, which strengthened the group of devices computers.

As for the MacBook Air, it has undergone a significant upgrade in the month of last October through the screen of the Retina; and Touch ID, with a completely new design, so it’s likely to be upgrades to the MacBook or MacBook Pro the new more likely.


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