Apple had violated an injunction against selling the iPhone in China

iPhone 7

It seemed that before reconciliation Apple and Qualcomm remained a few months, but there it was. A couple of days ago, Qualcomm announced its winning of a court case about the illegal use of its patents by Apple. She achieved that banned sales of the iPhone 2015-2017 in China. Apple, in turn, immediately found the loophole that allows legally sell the device as if nothing had happened, and that there is evidence.

Qualcomm gave the Chinese court a proof that Apple has violated the prohibition on sale. We are talking about the video showing a newly purchased smartphone from Apple. It is reported that it appears the iPhone 7 black color with 256 GB of memory. Next to the smartphone is a receipt, proving that the smartphone is purchased after the introduction of the ban.

What will take the court against Apple, is still unknown. The company has valid grounds to continue the implementation of the iPhone. The fact that Qualcomm’s patents relate only to older versions of iOS: in particular, we are talking about features photo editing and management applications. The new iPhone 6s and higher are supplied with fresh iOS 12, so in fact Apple could quite safely continue operation.

Earlier, in his open letter, Apple called the Qualcomm attempt to stop sales of the iPhone “desperate move by a company whose illegal actions are being investigated by regulators around the world.” Recall that the manufacturer of the chipsets was accused of abusing a leading position in the market and inflating prices. The company from Cupertino even stopped paying her royalties, which subsequently gained a debt of $ 7 billion.

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