Apple got a patent for Face ID for Mac

The news appeared on the Face ID for Mac for the first time in 2017, before we even know what’s going to Apple on the water when they appear on the iPhone. Today, I got Apple on the patent officially for this feature for Mac.

Patent dedicated to the issuance of Face ID more intelligent than those currently used on the iPhone, where the app can use the camera to do two things, prevent the device from entering sleep mode fully when there is someone in front of the device, in addition to face detection and cancellation insurance with the feature of automatic execution of the smart.

Feature allows Power Nap for Mac the current performance of some tasks in the background in sleep mode, such as talk, calendar and notes etc., while the machine will be ready to work when you open it, and it seems that the patent that increase the capabilities of this feature by using the camera to see if there is a person near the device, to activate the facial recognition feature to see if the person is the owner of the device. If this happens, you wake the device fully and the lock opens automatically.

Source: patent

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