Apple, Google, Samsung: more theft of ideas?

There is no doubt that smart phones today are an integral part of our lives, but the matter went to the defense of our phones and the manufacturers do not and not compared to any other competitor. No one who accepts an insult to his phone as well as an insult to the manufacturer. We find ourselves feel proud and happy when you watch our review the phone that we carry and list its features, and vice versa, we feel frustrated when you listed the flaws in it. Given that today’s phones are almost similar, we find the fanatic for Android phones for the existence of a feature which is not present in the iOS that it is for the best, and vice versa, there also is a fanatic for Apple and finds it is the best. Knowing that all of these companies steal ideas from some so how is it done?

As is known to all according to the law, he can’t steal the copyright to the idea of what is registered with another company. But what has happened is that some companies have wised to gather around that idea and twist it to their advantage, and this is what happened in 1988 when Apple filed a lawsuit on Microsoft accused by the interface of the operating system of the Mac and the mouse, Windows, menus, etc. Lost Apple that the case in front of Microsoft. Now pay attention to those ideas part of the work of leading Silicon Valley companies. Please Google hurry up, Samsung, Quicken, and Microsoft lists, Facebook lists, the woman stealing, and also Apple hurry up!! Find a company that offers something new and revolutionary then shoots a month or two but has been imitated by other companies.

The truth is, that the study of this matter and the outcome clearly points the finger at the companies with more tradition of stealing ideas very difficult. But can access as a result of possible through diving into some of the key features that make the phone a smart phone, and began those nurses who imitated her?

The menu features key standard on all smart phones today such as auto-rotation, suggestions keyboard, the depiction of slow-motion video, voice assistant, camera features, photography, and many others. Then figure out the first appearance of such water and whoever was first, then figure out who has copied or stolen and amendments.


Been restricted the comparison to three’s company just because they are big on the scene now. Perhaps some of the nurses appeared through the other companies small, but most of the thefts have been by those companies. The comparison between iOS and Android and features of devices Apple and Samsung.

No speed challenge for all nurses. Like no one has forgotten the idea of the touch screen a three-dimensional Apple to now (it has been offered tricks-like but not strongly pressed), or whistle emergency Alarm. Similarly, Android desktop tools accounts multiple users on the phone. Gave Samsung over the years, dozens of nurses that didn’t worry her one until now, such as automatic scrolling as soon as you tilt the head. We are talking about nurses world renowned in both the phones is almost.

It is not included the nurses that were present before the era of smart phone, such as ringtones downloadable to phone. It wasn’t the idea of any of the three companies that with us.

There are features frequently on her table from where the preference of one of the companies in the submission such as fingerprint face in the Apple devices and Samsung devices. The truth is that possessed by the Apple TV much better and no different that the two, in terms of having the depth camera sensors Super-resolution map of the face, it’s not like you can cheat on her. Understanding of the question, Do I have to get the company to the preference, because no precedence, and no point less speed? Such as fingerprint, face and the keyboard that appears on the screen? Of course not, we can calculate the precedence, but not a preference, but if you another opinion.

Features of the operating system

Apple made the phone touch as we know it now where added since the iPhone first multi-touch, and a keyboard on the screen, and auto design applications on the home page, and much more. It is not surprising that miss the Apple that the nurses where she presented 13 new feature compared to ten features for Android and only Samsung. Notice the following picture which shows when the company added the feature:

The screen

Their size, their colors, their accuracy. Spent Samsung years in to provide a screen with a larger size and found from 4 inches to 5 inches and then to 6 inches. Unlike Apple, where Steve Jobs would prefer a small screen that can be used with one hand. But in the end acquiesced to Apple’s request of the masses is the increased screen size. And I Samsung also in OLED screens, then to the Apple in the end to embrace the idea that the screens provided by the iPhone X. and everything for the tea and we made Apple the barely the result was 6 for the Apple TV and 4 Samsung. Note the following figure:

Text and images

You don’t have smart phones on the plates “physical” material. So how do you can enter text quickly and accurately? The company is in a feature after the other to develop that technique. Where Apple made the assistant “Siri” and Google another associate. Also get feature stories, copy, paste, were, or even add keyboard third party. All these features and more. We provide Google and its Android 6-for-5 from the Apple. See the following figure:

The camera

When you have been offering phones with cameras were not equipped with Flash and front camera and the cameras are inaccurate and that we can video recording. Add flash and export the video, and front camera, imaging quality, 1080, photography panoramic, photography, slow-motion, filming in 4K quality, health, portraiture, all this and more we find Apple has made 6 points vs 6 points also from Android and then 5 points of Samsung. See the following figure:

Dial and send messages

On either side of the dial and the addition of new ideas you came a bit late and poor in nurses from the three companies. Find Android earned 3 points for 3 also Apple TV.


Of those nurses: the introduction of stereo speakers, segments of GPS, wireless charging, water resistance, NFC chip, etc. We find that Apple has made 2 vs. 2 for Android and 1 Samsung.


The internet is in today’s smartphones is the bottom line. Added features of private Internet access we never dreamed of one day such as App Store, automatic packing for passwords, personal hotspot, privacy, reading mode, drag to the survey, archival, or other allies for the e-mail and much more. Find the score 4 to Apple versus 3 for Android.

Protection and safety

By this, we mean protection of the actual phone and data. The iOS system makes it impossible to obtain any data or contents of a stolen phone (the future is here meant by the ordinary thief), of course if you have fingerprint or password, and we all know it well. Of nurses that we mean here the advantage of find my phone, shut off the stolen phone and what you need from the data, fingerprint reader, fingerprint face, “Samsung is the first to introduced it, but it wasn’t safe enough, he does not race and does not improve no preference”. Provide Apple with three points versus one point for Samsung is its facial recognition feature, but at the same time there is a clarification that it was simple and easy to fool.

The wireless connection

Little by little, fade the wire. Like the video presentation of the phone on the screen of TV or computer, listen through headphones without wires, as well as the print without wires, send files between devices, payment services. We find Apple’s advanced three points versus one point for Android.

The bottom line

According to the data provided, we find the superiority of Apple over its competitors by a margin of 44 points compared to Android 31, Samsung 12 points. You can see the entire score with the source of all information from this link.

The fact that Samsung and Android are what they are only the one season based on Android so it does not distinguish between them as an innovator he continued. If you calculate the Honor Points of which the use of water after the other company you’ll find Apple on the top of the list and they are more and more companies steal ideas from others. Therefore, all companies steal from some, so no need for beauty, then you attention to something else from things important life. If the new innovation overfill a few will be in your hands, whatever kind of phone you are using. You are the beneficiary of this conflict, with on the seat.

How about stealing ideas? And use table and intolerance? Tell us in the comments.



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